February 10, 2010

Adopt a pet!

Two afternoons in the past week, I found myself relaxing on the couch in our living room, either reading or trying to catch a late afternoon snooze.

Both times, I was awoken or interrupted by a faint scratching at our back door. I heard a small tap on the sliding glass, and noticed that there was a little friend outside trying to make his presence known. The first day, I stood up and addressed him, telling him that he couldn't come inside no matter how cozy our home looked. I shut the door, drew the blinds, and angrily resumed my nap.

But he's a persistent little bugger. I heard him also yesterday and he once again wished to come in and snuggle up with me on the couch. I said, "Listen, you. I said no. It's not gonna happen. It's not in the cards for you." I tapped the glass to try and shoo him away. He was stubborn though, and sat perched outside the door staring in.

Since he was posing ever so delicately, I took some photos. Would you like to meet him?

I now refer to him as our puppy.


  1. Oh my, isn't he just adorable?!! Maybe he's a little lonely & lookin' for love! In the world down under you meet ALL kinds of new friends! Ok, so he might not be quite the soft, snuggly, purring, napping buddy that Roxy is.....I hope he's not the flesh eating type you met on your hike!!
    We have a very creative God and you are very privileged to be meeting more of His handiwork!

  2. FALSE.

    in no way shape or form is that a PUPPY.
    SO not something that you joke about. humph.

    i vote you try to train him...my animal behavior class could help via satellite! :) oh man, picturing you and nat snuggling with that critter=priceless. so good to hear both of your beautiful voices last night :) miss you both. and thanks for praying and being excited for my news! haha

    now go make friends with the lizard.

  3. He looks like a little demon! I don't think I would have even been able to stay in the living room knowing that he was at the door. I'd be too freaked that he'd use his demon powers to get in and eat me in my sleep. What a creature!

  4. aw cas, you should've let him in. he obviously wants to be your friend. i'm sure he's harmless. and what a story that would be, i would love him up. at least give him some sort of food in a dish outside, and maybe a blanket for night time.

  5. Cute! But Chris' new puppy is a bit cuter, and well, a puppy!! Have him send you some pictures. :-)


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