July 29, 2013

summer style

It's been a while. Summer has been doin' it's thing - being beautiful and going by way too fast. Lots of changes over the past few months for us, so while I stall on writing more blog posts, I'll distract you with these pretty things from around the web. They've been serving as good distractions for me when I should probably be doing other things ;) 
Hope you're relaxed, sunned, and soaking up every minute of it.

1. geometric necklace // 2. dipped earrings // 3. australian opal
4. flats that I'm too cheap for, but obsessed with // 5. flowing maxi // 6. pretty print
7. scalloped shorts // 8. beautiful ombre // 9. the flawless 'transport tote' // 10. a top I could totally make.

1 comment:

  1. What the heck. It's about time you got back to blogging. I had almost given up on checking it. Yeah, I know. . . full time job. Whatever. I have a full time job and I need a blog to read sometimes. Help a brotha out.


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