April 8, 2013

front door.

I once said that I painted our front door a pretty eggplant color. And I once said that I would post a photo of it. That was forever ago. Here's our front door circa sometime in the month of November:

That cute little pumpkin is obviously long gone, and sadly/embarrassingly enough, that plant still sits there. Although looking much more dead. Sorry plant. But I think Spring has finally sprung because we reached the 70 degree mark today! Woo! And word on the street says that it could reach 80 tomorrow. I burst with excitement :) Time to replace that dead plant with a living one, I say.

But there's the door in its aubergine glory! You like?


  1. Wish I could open that pretty door & come in for a visit! Love you guys. XOXOXOXO! :-D

  2. i love the door! A LOT. and i'm extremely jealous of your warm weather! winter does not want to leave us alone here in the midwest. :(


  3. Anonymous10/12/2013

    Would you mind sharing the name of your eggplant color? We are looking at. Eggplant doors but cant't seem to find the right one...yours looks great!

    1. Why thank you! We love it too :) It's called "Dark Basalt" by Benjamin Moore in semi-gloss. Just so you know, it probably looks a little bit brighter in person - a little bit more purple. I think this photo was taken on a cloudy day. Still great though, not too over-the-top. Good luck on your quest for the perfect color!


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