April 27, 2011

Wheels on display

I'm not really on the move so much as I have already moved! Will and I spent Friday and Saturday moving my stuff and some of his into the new apartment in Gloucester. Then my parents helped us move the gargantuan but irresistible couch we affectionately call "Big Red" on Monday and now it's really feeling like home.

Will has been doing some minor house handy work to bring the place up to snuff, and this weekend's project is the quest for fabric to make curtains for the bathroom and living room. And off in the future when he moves in with me? Oh, just a little of this action on the living room walls...

Boom. Oh, it's on. 
This summer will be great. The bikes will always be within reach and then we'll really be on the move.


  1. If I didn't live on the 4th floor, this would already be in my room.


  2. At Christmas time you could decorate with pretty lights through the spokes and on the frame!

  3. So innovative, mum.


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