January 30, 2011

A tribute left unpaid.

Oh my gosh. A crucial date has come and gone and I didn't even think to acknowledge it!

I have now been keeping this blog for one year, one month, and one week!

Wahoo! How exciting?! It has definitely been a fun ride, and it was certainly a useful and enjoyable way to keep record of my days in Australia. Although that was the original design of this endeavor (look back on those early entries for a good laugh or outrageous story), I'm really glad that I've kept it up since then. I know that I've lost some readership because I'm not some adventurous exotic traveler anymore, but that's okay. My mom still likes reading my material so that's all that truly matters, right? 

I guess that just means that I'll have to start having a more exciting life so that people want to read about again, huh? Well, I'll do what I can on that one. Engagement should be exciting enough to rope people in, I hope! Maybe I'll take another trip when I have the money. Don't tell my future potential employers...

Thanks to those who read and comment, making this whole thing more fun for me. And to the awesome blogs I read that continue to inspire me! Much love blogworld. It's been real. December 23, 2011 will mark two years, so here's to another 326 days!

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  1. I read your posts. Every time you post them. (though somehow, I missed that last one about your ring!) I'm just so excited for you and Will, and I miss you dearly. Here's hoping I'll be seeing you sometime in the near future!
    Love you, friend!


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