June 18, 2010

A Necessary Amendment

The main goal of this post is to right a wrong. When I posted almost a month ago (wow) I left out some very important people. However, it was simply because I didn't have the photos of them that I was coveting!

Since then, I have raided my mom's laptop and the photos that I had been lacking are now in my possession. Therefore, a special shout-out goes to my step-dad Paul, who I missed terribly while I was away. He was an amazing support while I was gone and I knew that he had me constantly covered in prayer. He would send me short, ridiculously funny little emails and heart-felt cards of love and encouragement.

And the beautiful young lady he's sitting with is my youngest niece, Ella. This girl sprouted up like a weed while I was away and now she's walking like such a little woman! It's been amazing spending time with her again and helping her to re-learn who Auntie Cassie is.

Now for these wild animals...

This could quite possibly be one of my favorite photos. Two brother-sister pairs, and I don't feel that it's necessary for me to explain which two go together.

Peyton is now two and she's a woman with a serious attitude. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Always quick to let out a hearty chuckle (as opposed to a girly giggle like her little sister Ella), Peyton is kind of like being hit by a truck. This chick is a whirlwind who always keeps me laughing and I'm so glad to be around her again.

Ty is almost four and he is all man. Going a mile a minute, he always wants to either tackle things, climb things or jump on them. Just like his father, he's probably the most wild and I don't know if I always have enough energy to entertain this guy. Just like his dear old dad.

Zach is five and is the biggest goofball in my life. Since I've been gone, he's started playing T-ball and has moved into his new house with his sisters and parents, which he loves. He is my special little mate and we're going to plan an Auntie/Zacky date time very soon, where we might watch Toy Story 3 in 3D, go exploring in the woods and brush up on his Spanish skills.

Julianna is seven and is now the inhabitant of my old bedroom! I think she likes that some of Auntie's things are still around and we get to share a space. She's in the 2nd grade and she's always singing! She's quite creative, artistic and has a beautiful voice. Her dad has been giving her John Mayer cds, which I think is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, that's the fam! They weren't skipped because they were loved or missed any less, it was because I had these very specific photos in mind! Thanks for letting me brag on them for a while. They're simply the greatest.

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  1. ***One small correction -Julianna just finished FIRST grade today!!


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