February 13, 2013


A perfect Valentine's Day card from Sugar Paper that I should stock up on:

Don't understand it? Get in the know here.

Even though my hubby is obviously my Valentine, I'd send this card to my best friend, just because :) 
We've been using Phoebe's wisdom to describe our friendship for years.

February 11, 2013

pinterest meals

I'm not the type to just pin like crazy for the sake of a beautiful collage. I've actually made the majority of the things on my "eats" board. Go me! But honestly - I only pin food that is easy and within my reach, or meals that inspire me to attempt something trickier (or at least a variation of it). It has really helped diversify our dinners, especially when pasta with red sauce and kale is such a lazy weeknight go-to. We've tried a lot of new things and many of them have now become staples. 

Here are just a few of the faves and some on the docket for the coming weeks...

1 2 3 4 5 6 

1 2 3 4 5 6 

Can't wait to try all of these new recipes! Do you have any pinterest faves I should know about?

February 6, 2013

recreate it.

[original sources can be found here]

I am so inspired by these images for our combined living/dining space. The kind of earthy-bohemian-eclectic-warm feel; that's what I'm after. I'm loving all things natural: hanging light bulbs, tribal patterns, wood and metallic accents, and all things white of course. Clean and crisp, but still colorful without being overwhelming. That's the goal, right?

Below is how I may attempt to get it done.

1) industrial elements like this ikea shelf // 2) living things like spider plants - check, got two of 'em. // 3) a personalized photo & artwork cluster - ours always feels like a work in progess. // 4) ikea ORGEL pendant lamp shade - check. // 5) mismatched chairs - check, but they desparately need to be painted some neutral color (right now two are red and two are blue. yikes!) // 6) a cozy wicker chair by the windows - check. // 7) side table doubling as magazine rack via urban outfitters // 8) farm table - check. // 9) a colorful southwestern-y rug (if Will will have it - he's not a huge fan) // 10) ikea RENS sheepskin is a must. I currently want in every room of the house. // 11) two gray couches - check. Does it count if one of them is actually red but is covered with extra gray bed sheets? The quest for a nice gray slipcover continues. // 12) more tribal patterned rugs // 13) earthy elements like this sweet tree stump side table - can totally make one. // 14) a vintage-y brass floor lamp, along with other metallic accents (loving copper right now!)

We decided to work on one room of the house each month to get it up to snuff and fully moved into, and January's focus was the kitchen. We're still working on finishing touches, but I'll share photos and inspiration when it's done!

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