November 28, 2012

an abrupt transition

One of my favorite favorite favorite favorite things in life is the bread and butter pickle. 

I would just pop open the jar and eat so many pickles growing up, that my mom affectionately named me the "pickle puss." I would always snag them off of her sandwiches and the ones on her plate used as a garnish, but those kinds aren't nearly as good as a nice, crispy bread and butter chip.

Which is why I decided that one of my fall activities this year needed to be making my own pickles. I guess I never realized how easy it would be. Pickling is kind of a set-it-and-forget-it crock-pot mentality, and tell me - who doesn't love that? I couldn't be happier with my results. I used this recipe from Recipe Girl and they might be the best ones I've ever had! (That's saying a lot.)

yum yum yum - look how beautiful and tantalizing. 

And let's just say I'm glad I made them Monday night when I did, because I was definitely down to the wire in being able to call it a "fall activity." This is what I woke up to Tuesday morning:

Big fat flakes fell from before I woke up at 8 until about 2pm. Winter is fast approaching in Eastern PA. Even though winter doesn't technically start for another few weeks, I judge by snowfall, because snow changes everything. 

So the pickles just made their cut off. You gotta try 'em. 

November 14, 2012

mountaintop wedding

We're finally home from our San Diego/Massachusetts marathon wedding experience. Here are some shots of the joyous festivities!

We spent rehearsal dinner afternoon with this motley crew in Seaport. Where is Ella's other shoe? Lord only knows.
The rehearsal was so chilly! Check out that sunset though. Crazy.
Practicing "I do's".

Catching my big bro's eye with beaming smiles.

Bridesmaids - Dealing with a potential dress issue in the wind :)

Groomsmen, lookin' fly in their chambray & boots.

One of two studly ring bearers.

The girls, doing their job. Look at how the groomsmen are all looking at them so endearingly. I love it.

Anxiously awaiting his bride. He looked so dang good.

My beautiful sister-in-law :) Exchanging tearful vows & praying together.

Bam. The deed is done. Can't believe it!

Lucky enough to be escorted by someone I know :)

The Mr. & Mrs. making their big entrance!

Their first dance.

The bridesmaids were enthralled with every little moment of the first dance...

....groomsmen? Not so much ;)

Under the market lights during Brad's toast - where the amazing dance party later unfolded.

Hope you enjoyed a snippet of the day! It was a whirlwind, but absolutely beautiful and blessed in every way. Cheers to the new Papias.

Photos courtesy of Mom :)

November 6, 2012

round 2.

Welcome back, Barack.

I'm excited and more than willing to let you finish what you've started.
Lord, bless our president and our country. It's ultimately in your hands.
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