May 29, 2012

almost june?!

I guess with my last post, I should have given a heads up that I would probably disappear for weeks on end. This past month has been an absolute whirlwind and it literally felt like I lost a few weeks in there. Talk about a time warp.

But since my last post...

I've designed, printed and mailed the invitations for my best friend's bridal shower,
gone to an end-of-the-school-year office mini golf party,
went to a bunch of yoga classes with one of my closest friends,
led a group of 15 college students on a weekend camping trip in the White Mountains,
sold my wedding dress,
sold a blender,
sold two surfboards,
sold a wakeboard,
went to the doctor,
finished up teaching the class and graded everything,
had about 7 meetings a week,
planned, shopped, organized and packed food for 110 people in the wilderness for 12 days,
planned a graduation party,
celebrated Mother's Day with mom, mother-in-law and a grandma,
moved out of our yacht club apartment to crash with my parents for a week,
had dinner with a bunch of family in New Hampshire,
watched my husband graduate,
moved to Pennsylvania,
scrubbed all of the patio furniture so that it could be used (priority!),
did some weeding around the yard,
and had a Memorial Day cookout with the fam down here.

I'm exhausted just having typed all of that. Welcome to our month of May.

But now we're almost completely settled in to our new temporary home. Not sure how long we'll be here, but I could totally get used to life on the farm. We're staying in my in-laws country property - the space that is half used for my father-in-law's office and now half rented by us. And it's beautiful.

See? A life I could easily be okay with :)

Today holds the remainder of the unpacking and possibly some more yard work, but I'll hopefully be back here in a more regular fashion soon enough. I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Memorial Day weekend, and now I have a month's worth of blog-reading to catch up on! ;)

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