June 28, 2011

The 12 days of Wedding Countdown

That's right folks, we find ourselves at the 12 day marker. My countdown yesterday said 11, but let's be real - it's because it was 11 days and 20-something hours so that's kind of cheating. So if we're formally looking at a calendar and actually counting days with our little un-ringed fingers, it's 12 days from today.

Yesterday Will started singing a "12 days til wedding" song, and the lyrics were quite outrageous, in his adorable squeaky, deliberately a little yelpy singing voice. I can't recall much of what was said, so I'll make my own list, and then he can sing it later.

12 (ish) thank you notes to write
11 more centerpiece items to gather
10 or so dishes of Chinese food & sushi for the rehearsal dinner
9 dear friends helping with important tasks
8 bouquets of flowers to pick up
7 days until family from Philly arrives 
6 boxes of Oreos to purchase
5 groomsmen gifts to acquire
4 signs to finish 
3 shutters to clean for decor
2 flower girl baskets to make
1 hunky man to wed

Except Will can't sing that's he's marrying a hunky man. I just won't stand for it.

June 15, 2011

some enticing ink.

I've been doing some major ink hunting (more than normal actually) and I'm starting to wonder if it's a bad idea. I'm going to make a liar out of myself pretty soon, saying that three was the end. My man will be getting tatted soon though! Pumped for that, but I can only slightly live vicariously through him. When he gets his, I think I'll get the tree on my foot touched up, but meanwhile, I'll drool over a little of this action...

obviously a great placement (been there, done that, Will's doing that), 
but the font and simplicity of it is such a dream.
can anyone read that? font props.
lady, you mildly look like a junkie, but your tat is pretty killer.
another crafty font. see a trend in my interests here?
lovely placement, simple understated design.
preach it. oh, and typewriter font rocks my world.
do these arms belong to the same person, or two people holding hands? curious.
but the placement and simplicity continues to be stellar.
ha, clever.
if you disregard the unnecessary amount of "sultry" in this photo, the under-arm placement is great.
and the deal breaker, right here. white ink!? oh my. way up there on the coolness scale. 

That's it for now! Kudos to tattoologist and I guess I'll control myself for now. 
Any particular faves? Seen anything cool yourself these days?

June 6, 2011


That's right, we get to live here. Admire nature from time to time. Feel small & insignificant, it's good for you.

Thanks God, this all is pretty great.
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