October 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!

What's on our weekend agenda? 

My parent's decided to do this really sweet thing where instead of one huge gift, we get one small wedding gift every month for the first year. How fun is that, right? It's like every month has a birthday, shared with someone who I think is really great :)

So this month's present involves spending more time with some old friends.
Remember these guys?

Oh yeeeah. Saw them in concert back in February (and it was incredible, read the review), and Will and I get the pleasure to see The Civil Wars tonight! He hasn't seen them live before, so I'm thrilled for him. And I'm even more thrilled for me, because I already know what we're in for. It will be amazing.

We're also meeting up with a dear friend from CT who is coming up for the show! We'll have dinner, reconnect and love on each other. Haven't seen her since she was in our wedding 4 months ago. A travesty.

And finally, we're moving once again. Yes, a big weekend for the Baldwins. It's only a ten minute move,  but we're really really looking forward to it. Why you ask? Oh, just the view from our new backyard is all...

We are blessed.

Enjoy your weekends! Any fun plans?

October 19, 2011

the airstream dream

I'm about to divulge a crazy dream. I know that my betrothed thinks it will be awesome, 
but most others will probably think we're out of our minds.

Step 1: have a stable work-from-home-as-my-own-boss job

Step 2: which will enable us to invest in an airstream trailer.

2a: avoid spending a fortune.
2b: by using this little gem of a website.

Step 3: redo the inside so it looks less like this...

and a lot more like this...

um, yes. see this guy's whole "house" tour here.

Step 4: travel the country as a freelance writer/designer
and see everything our beautiful country has to offer.

Step 5: then create an awesome website for documentation like this guy.

I would want to totally "green" our trailer. I've been reading up on how to add solar panels, composting toilets (I know, gross), adding a cork floor, etc. They call people who live these extreme eco-friendly lifestyles "bioneers" - how cool would we be?! 

Just kidding. Only kind of.

Someday, folks. Someday.

October 18, 2011

how to have a smart home

No, we're not talking about a creepy house that talks to you and makes your breakfast like that old school Disney channel movie. I mean this short, cute article in USA weekend.

In brief, here's their list of what your home needs to be a non-threatening, learning environment.

1. world map
2. dictionary - not the kind on your Mac's dashboard
3. table for jigsaw puzzles
4. brain-boosting library - including but not limited to crosswords, mazes and Sudoku
5. domino set
6. special reading spot

I was inspired by most of those - especially since I had just conquered that issue's Sudoku on the back page - but the most gripping one to me was the special reading spot.

I love so much the idea of having a place especially designated for being cozy and quiet. If there happens to be a book along for the journey, that's fine, but I mostly just want to have a spot where I can curl up and relax.

Also, when I googled "create a reading nook", I was bombarded with beautiful ideas. I think I'm a sucker for anything that has the term "nook" in it. Here are some finds:

So I've learned from my extensive research that two things are important for the reading nook.
1. natural light
2. and a seriously comfy chair.

Not an upright victorian arm chair, not something made out of trendy chic plastic, not one with no arms. Let's be real. Give me a papasan chair (above) or a freaking chaise lounger. I want my book readin' to naturally fade into nap takin'. 

Thanks USA Weekend for your well-meant intentions of making my home smarter. I think I'm taking in in the wrong direction... :)

October 11, 2011


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October 5, 2011

oh where is my hair

I'm pretty bummed that my hair is growing slower than death these days. I'm seeing so many awesome fall hairstyles that I'm simply lacking the locks for. But check this out! How cute is this!

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted this tutorial.

So I'm sharing this for all of my long-haired friends who are lucky enough to try it. I'll get there someday.

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