January 30, 2011

A tribute left unpaid.

Oh my gosh. A crucial date has come and gone and I didn't even think to acknowledge it!

I have now been keeping this blog for one year, one month, and one week!

Wahoo! How exciting?! It has definitely been a fun ride, and it was certainly a useful and enjoyable way to keep record of my days in Australia. Although that was the original design of this endeavor (look back on those early entries for a good laugh or outrageous story), I'm really glad that I've kept it up since then. I know that I've lost some readership because I'm not some adventurous exotic traveler anymore, but that's okay. My mom still likes reading my material so that's all that truly matters, right? 

I guess that just means that I'll have to start having a more exciting life so that people want to read about again, huh? Well, I'll do what I can on that one. Engagement should be exciting enough to rope people in, I hope! Maybe I'll take another trip when I have the money. Don't tell my future potential employers...

Thanks to those who read and comment, making this whole thing more fun for me. And to the awesome blogs I read that continue to inspire me! Much love blogworld. It's been real. December 23, 2011 will mark two years, so here's to another 326 days!

January 28, 2011

The search is REALLY over.

Okay, not that I've been searching for quite some time, but I found it ironic due to my last blog title...

Since my last update one month ago (yikes) I've had a TON going on. Despite being finished with school and not quite employed yet, I've actually been remarkably busy. Why you ask?

Well, for starters, I received the best belated Christmas present of all time on New Year's Day - I received the honor of being the future Mrs. William Baldwin!

So ignoring the fact that I have a scary monster hand in the second photo, isn't this absolutely stunning?! He picked it out entirely on his own, asking the jeweler for an old-fashioned, vintage-looking ring with intricate detailing. I'd say they definitely gave him just that. The setting is from when the shop opened around 1915-1920's, and the diamond is from a ring of his grandmother's. With beautiful filigree and pear-shaped rubies on the sides, it's the ring of my dreams that I'd never even dreamt of.

Will surprised me at my apartment (saying he was at home Philadelphia when he was in fact in Boston) on New Year's Eve and we enjoyed a lovely low-key evening with my brother Tony and our friend Chrissy. Then he woke me very early the next day (or that same day... all in how you look at it I suppose) and took me out to our favorite spot.

I awoke to, "Sweetheart, I have an adventure for us. Are you going to cooperate and not ask any questions?" Ha, sure! I'm too exhausted to even function, so no worries on the whole question-asking thing.

Then we hiked down the street, down the beach, through the woods, up the trail, and out to Ocean Lawn, the most beautiful place that we frequent. And as the fluorescent deep pink sun poked up over the rocks, he asked me there to be his wife and lead a simple life with him, the one that we both desire.

Then, elated, we were approached and quickly befriended by a stranger who kindly took some pictures of us! Dale, such a nice Trustees of Reservations employee, despite our breaking and entering :)

Not the best quality coming from Dale's phone, but we were so excited that at least someone was there to help us document the moment.

So since then, I've sent out a bunch of resumes and applications, had two job interviews, Will and I spent two weeks with his family in Philadelphia, and we've begun all of the stressful tasks involved with planning a wedding! At least I'm doing it with Will, because he's so helpful, excited and involved (although it quickly becomes overwhelming for him, like when I want to look at the same magazine multiple times). I'm so blessed to have him, but there are still so many details. Ugh. Can't someone just pay us to do this stuff? I don't have time for a job...

Just kidding. I'm craving that sort of routine in my life again. But until that time, I'll just enjoy job searching, crocheting, and being betrothed. 

Until next time,

Cassandra Marie Papia (almost Baldwin)
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